Guidelines for the walk offered


@ -- Check the weather and take appropriate clothing.
@ -- Always expect a change in the weather and prepare accordingly.
@ -- If you are walking with a friend/partner, combine equipment to share the load, but each person should carry           essentials like water or food. Lunch – this is often the best part after a rewarding day out. So do spoil yourself.
@ -- Put on Sun block, even on a cloudy day.


*These are requirements are for all walks if you wish to join, as your safety affects the whole group*

@ -- Most important proper footwear, being comfortable walking shoes (Hiking boots for ankle support or a good pair of running shoes, please no crocs or sandals. Your need to have decent grip on the trail, as your safety affects the whole group.

@ -- Bring along something to eat for the tea break and lunch, trail snacks / fresh fruit, juice or flask for tea / coffee or cup a soup in winter. Sunblock very important and don’t forget your water, this should be at least 2 litre and more if it is a hot day. On route you should be drinking at least 1 full cup every 60min.

@ -- What to wear on the hike. Comfortable hiking clothes (trousers / shorts). In winter pants trouser is preferable due to the change of temperatures. Jersey or fleecy top. As the weather often heats up during the day, so it good to wear clothes that you can layer on or off. Good idea to back extra thinner tops and gusty wind can cause the temperature to change quite dramatically. Remember a Warm hiker is a happy hiker ;-). In summer a peak cap for the sun, in winter beanie or buff and gloves just in case and very important a rain coat no matter the weather conditions, as this also acts as a wind breaker.

@ -- A backpack (or day pack) to carry your supplies. A backpack with a hip belt is ideal; it allows the strong bones of your pelvis to support the pack's weight, easing the load on your shoulders.

@ -- As this is a group walk, stay with the group and for the entire duration of the hike. We depart and arrived as a group, this is non-negotiable, in anyone leaving early

***Please note that no dogs are allowed on any of the walks that are on offer.”

@ -- Normally 2 hours of the time allocated is set aside for breaks. This time out offers a great way to meet and connect with like-minded people who share similar interests


@ -- Keep the party together, there is safety in numbers.
@ -- Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
@ -- Do not carry unnecessary valuables.
@ -- Stick to the marked route.
@ -- Regulate the speed of the hike to the pace of the slowest in the party.
@ -- Stop to admire, examine and observe.
@ -- If you do get lost or are stopped by bad weather, keep together, stay calm and keep warm. Try to attract attention by wearing bright clothing and by using torches, mirrors or whistles.
@ -- Avoid dehydration and replenish lost energy by taking regular snack breaks.
@ -- Watch out for loose rocks and never throw or dislodge rocks purposefully.
@ -- Remember the hikers’ golden rule – take only memories and photographs, leave only footprints.
@ -- Please keep your litter with you until you reach a waste bin or home. Don’t throw away items, even if they will break down quickly. Don’t throw away your cigarette ends. Help the Parks Board by picking up the litter that you encounter.
@ -- Please consider the other users of the mountains by preferably defecating in the grasslands or bushes, at least five minutes walk from streams, caves, paths and forests.
@ -- Unscheduled fires are devastating to the animals and plants: to reduce the risk of accidents, do not make any fires.
@ -- Don’t feed any wild animals as this makes them problem animals which may have to be destroyed.
@ -- Don’t kill snakes. They play an important role in the ecology.

(Guidelines during the hike by Johan Van Zyl)

All walks are undertaken at participants own risk and are subject to weather conditions

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