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BODY & MIND - Online health & wellbeing Directory for South Africa.
Practitioners, Whats Happening - Events listed by province, in date order,  Fairs & Festivals around the country, Poetry & Articles, Baby Centre, Kitchen - with lots of healthy recipes, Information Centre - you are searching - we supply the answer, Horoscopes, Book & CD Reviews, Make a Difference - World Environmental issues,  Monthly Competitions, Answers and Questions, Angel Readings and much much more.
Body Mind & Spirit Tourism Forum: Cape Town South Africa
Promoting & developing South Africa as a Conscious Spiritual Travel Destination. Informing you of Events, Festivals & Services offered in Cape Town
INTUITION - Articles & Support to enhance your Intuition
Your Conscious Online Free Resource Centre, offering over 650 Articles & Free Online Movies. Also included: Intuition Nature Group Walks - Open to all. Conscious Movie Events & Intuition Newsletter Updates. Connecting like-minded people.
International Community for Ecopsychology
Our objective at is to provide a public forum for our diverse experiences of the human-nature relationship. Through sharing our connections we hope to provide a bridge towards harmony with the planet we inhabit.
Lambert Kriedemann - Fine Artist Cape Town South Africa
Lambert Frequently joins us on the Intuition nature walks. He adds to walks richness in sharing he insights and passions of the surrounding landscapes.
By the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) which the national centre for optical and infrared astronomy in South Africa
Scott Taylor's Research in Ecopsychology
An Exploration of Wilderness Effects: A Phenomenological Inquiry
Scenic South - is your local website and information hub, promoting an informed, involved and united community. Check it out for online Community News, Events and Views including a detailed directory of Organisations of the South Peninsula.
Sun Path Tours: Sacred Sites & Sun Gateways Table Mountain
Explore the mysteries & Archaeoastronomy of the ancient unexplained sacred sites - Cape Town South Africa on a spiritual guided tour with Dean Liprini
Sun Calculator
Calculate times for sunrise, sunset and twilight
Table Mountain National Park
Recognised globally for its extraordinarily rich, diverse and unique flora and fauna, the newly established Table Mountain National Park is situated at the South-Western tip of Africa.
Cape Town Helicopters - Scenic Tours | Cape Town Huey Helicopter Tours
Helicopter Tours & Flights Cape Town.  Huey Helicopter Tours of Cape Town. Views of the city, Table Mountain, Atlantic Seaboard

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Sign up to the Awakening Intuition Network Cape Town - Hosted Since 2004
Open to All - Sunday Relaxing Guided Walks. Monthly Group Adventures, Weekends Away & Retreats. Connect & Meet Like Minded People.
Join the Online Group for Latest Walks, Social Events & Pictures
Soulful Nature Walks Cape Town - Hiking Group around Table Mountain